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Thank you for choosing to rescue!

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Here to give a 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th chance at life.

Our mission;

Tabby Tails was founded with the intention of being a safety net for high risk cats. These are cats who are more at risk of being euthanized in the shelter system. This includes disabled, and feral cats. Cats who have behavioral issues, hybrids and cats who are either severely sick or injured. Whether these cats can be later adopted out, or have to live at the sanctuary of Tabby Tails, they will be safe, and loved.  

Home: Welcome

Tabby Tails resides in an old 19,000 square foot elementary school, outside Milton Center Ohio. We are largely free roam, allowing the cats to roam and play as they are meant to. Cats are only caged when sick or when being quarantined. 

Along with operating as a rescue to adopt out cats, we also double as a sanctuary for those who cannot be adopted out. Here we have disabled cats, feral cats, hybrids, and cats who have behavioral issues all living happily and safely. We are no kill, and our cats do not have a time limit here. While the goal is adoption, we also see the need for safe homes for those who can be a bit more difficult to house.


Did you know over 30% of cats in the shelter system are black? Check out some of our adoptable cuties here.

FeLV+ Cats

Yes we do now accept Feline Leukemia positive cats. Our room is still small so our intake has to be fairly limited. But it is growing and is a viable option to keep these cats safe. 

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