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About Tabby Tails

The Rescue


Tabby Tails was founded in 2020 with the purpose of saving high risk cats. As an in home rescue, I am able to work with cats who would require more care than others. I take on cats who are severely injured, or sick, disabled, feral cats and those with behavioral issues. We recently moved into our new building, an old elementary school!

Working With Disabled Cats

The rescue works heavily with disabled cats and does not euthanize unless there is no quality of life, or unmanageable. I am willing to try with all disabilities to give every cat the chance at life. I can care for and have experience caring for the following disabilities;

- Blindness

- Deafness

- Leg deformities 

- Cerebellar Hypoplasia and other mobility disabilities that affect the brain

- Epilepsy 

- Brain damage 

- Back leg paralysis (including those who no longer have control of their bowels/bladder) 

intake on disabled cats is prioritized, to avoid unnecessary euthanasia. If you have a cat needing placed please contact the rescue. 


The Founder


My name is Kay. I unintentionally started my work with cats in 2016. While working in feline behavior, I noticed a need for a safe place for cats labeled as 'bad' to land. It was in 2018 that I gave Tabby Tails its name and started to properly start rescuing. It wasn't long after that Charlie made her way to my rescue. Charlie was born blind and I quickly fell in love with working with disabled cats.



Work With Ferals

*Ferals are cats who are not tame. They do not want to be touched, or handled. Not every cat who is outside is feral. The use of the word should be used ONLY for cats who are not tame.*


Most kittens that come to Tabby Tails are feral. I have no issue taking on little hissy bundles. Most of our feral kittens have easily tamed. But in the off chance they choose not to tame, they are safe at the rescue. The rescue has plenty of resident ferals, who enjoy their indoor life. While they might not life me or other humans, they love bonding with the other cats, and even the dog! Disabled/injured/sick adult ferals are always welcome to the safety of Tabby Tails.


Dorian Gray, resident feral

Kelly, Cerebellar Hypoplasia


Tabby Tails takes on and has experience housing hybrid cats. Including those with behavioral issues like aggression and spraying. Currently we have one F1 Bengal named Aries who lives at our sanctuary. 

Behavioral Issues 

As a behavioral consultant, I have experience with most issues cats can develope. As long as the rescue has room, we are always willing to take on cats who spray, have urination issues, and aggression issues.


Spicy Bean, surrendered for aggression issues. Issues a result of chronic pain from being declawed

FeLV+ Cats!

With the addition of our new Felv room, we can now accept positive cats! It is still small, but enough to temporarily house these cats to keep them safe!

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