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Available For Adoption 

Please read before applying.

Not all cats are listed. We have almost 200, keeping up with pictures has been a bit challenging. Not all cats at the rescue can be adopted. Please remember when visiting, just because you like a certain cat doesn't mean they can go home with you.

All cats are spayed or neutered, have age appropriate vaccines and are combo tested for FIV/FeLV. If they are positive for either it will be listed in their bio.

All cats will be given a dewormer and flea treatment before leaving. With us being a cage free rescue, we cannot guarantee your cat will not have fleas regardless of the treatment. We always recommend keeping your new cat away from your current pets for a couple of days after adoption. This is not only to help them decompress but to watch for protentional issues. Being moved into a new home is stressful and can cause a weakened immune system leading cats to become sick. 

We also cannot guarantee your new cat wont come with health issues. While all cats are vet checked more than once, some issues can be missed or not noticeable until after adoption.  We offer a 14 day coverage of vet bills should anything like a runny nose/eyes be noticed after adoption. We absolutely don't want anyone to adopt a sick cat, or cat with issues, but it is important to realize with adoption it is a possibility. Very rarely do healthy happy cats need rescued. These cats come from all walks of life and most come to us with some health concern. We also don't know their parentage and have no idea if they are at risk for developing other health issues as they age. 

When applying please remember you are doing just that. Applying does not in any shape or form guarantee you will get a cat. We reserve the right to deny/ignore/discard any application we see fit. These are living animals that you are asking us to adopt, not an xbox at target you waited in line for. If your application is not filled out completely it will be denied. If you do not meet our requirements, you will be denied. We try our best to reach out to everyone either way, but we are all overworked volunteers caring for almost 200 cats. You are more than welcome to reach out more than once if you haven't heard back in a reasonable time frame. We can usually vet apps within a week, but normally no sooner than 3 days. You are not going to be approved/adopt overnight, please be patient. Applications are not first come first served. If more than one person applies for a cat, the cat will go to the better fitting home, not the first applicant. We will contact you via email. Please remember to check your spam and watch for our reply. 

We do offer out of state adoptions within reason. We are not shipping or transporting cats across the country. 

Available for adoption 

Our adoption fee is 50 dollars, or 75 for two cats!
All cats are spayed or neutered. They also receive their rabies and age appropriate FVRCP vaccines.

These are some of the cats available. We have over 200!

Cats Who Found Their Forever Homes!

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