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Meet the residents!

Cats shown below are not available for adoption! They are the personal cats of the founder of Tabby Tails. They are the heart of our rescue.

Cats in this section have one disability or another. While some can be adopted out, others do best living here at the rescue. 

Our 'disabled' kids


Diesel was born a normal baby. As he grew though, his legs bowed more and more inward until they touched at the knees. Diesel's legs do slow him down, and make it difficult for him to get around. He is still a happy boy here at the rescue!


Peaches was also born a normal kitten, but lost the use of her back legs early in her life. She needs her bladder expressed, but gets around just fine without the use of her legs. She's a crazy little thing!


Stormy was our first major disabled cat to come to our rescue. Stormy has brain damage, along with epilepsy. That doesn't seem to bother her though! She loves to hunt human toes and play with the dog. We love her very much.

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